Hi! I'm Erin Gardner. I live in New Hampshire and make all of my jewelry in my home studio. Though my "title" has changed many times over the years, I have always been a maker at heart. 

As a restaurant pastry chef I created magic on a plate to top off a spectacular meal and as a wedding cake designer I transformed butter, sugar, flour, and eggs into the show-piece cake of a newly married couple's dreams. My specialty was hand-sculpting botanically correct sugar flowers.

Moving into this new art form, I bring the same creativity, whimsy, and attention to detail to every piece, as I did when I was in the kitchen. 

While I may be new to the craft of jewelry making, I'm no stranger to jewelry! My grandmother and mother were epic life-long collectors that definitely passed on the gene! Also, for a summer in college I interned in the marketing department of one of the most iconic jewelry names in the world. Like I said at the start, many different titles through the years, but the same love of raw materials, creating beauty, and celebrating life has persisted through every new endeavor. 

Making special cakes for people's most joyous moments was always bittersweet, because the creation lasted for only a moment in time. Now, I'm so grateful to be creating pieces that capture a moment and last a lifetime.