Restringing & Repairs


Should your jewelry need repair, first email me with your name, photo of the damage, and a brief description of what happened. At that point I'll let you know if I'm able to help, if you should reach out to a local jeweler, or if the piece isn't salvageable. Repair pricing will vary based on the new materials needed and time it will take to complete, with shipping costs included.


The silk used to string and knot beaded jewelry will naturally stretch a small amount over time due to regular wear. When to restring is a matter of personal preference and how much you wear them. Bracelets can be restrung for $40 plus shipping both ways. Necklaces are restrung for $3 per inch (minimum of 16 inches), plus shipping both ways. Additional costs may be incurred if findings or gemstones need to be replaced. 

For all requests, please email:

I do not repair or restring jewelry that I did not make. I reserve the right to deny any repair.